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为“奉献”而生。 这是一组商用产品系列,功能可与业内任何佼佼者媲美。VR3 系列器械不仅拥有耀眼的外观、坚固耐用,而且具备极佳的性能,专为重型商业环境而设计。可在高度监督的健身房内或自助设施中使用。

  • 对其他任何制造商而言,这也许已成为顶级产品系列。
  • 机器定义的运动路径,确保任何人(即使是新手)均能获得安全高效的锻炼。
  • 坐下和安闲调整配置极大地简化了力量训练。

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Check out Cybex MyDesign to customize your equipment and our lookbook for all of our color options.

Due to the difference in individual monitor settings these samples may not accurately reflect true colors.

Custom or non-production colors should be accompanied by a serial number for color verification when placing an order. If you have any questions, or to obtain samples of the above please contact Cybex Sales Operations at 888-GO-Cybex.