VR1 Duals


ENGINEERED FOR VALUE.The Cybex Duals line is an extension of VR1 that further capitalizes on the compact footprint by using multi-function mechanisms to get two exercises in one machine.

  • Brawny with a slim silouette.
  • Sit & Go easy adjustments make strength training as simple as it can be.
  • Fits the space and budget of a wide range of facilities.

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产品型号: 13230

尺寸: 52 英寸 (L) x 43 英寸 (W) x 89 英寸 (H)
132 厘米 (L) x 109 厘米 (W) x 226 厘米 (H)

器械重量(含标准配重片): 365 磅(166 千克)

标准配重片: 145 磅(66 千克)

器械重量(含轻型配重片): 320 磅(145 千克)

轻型配重片: 100 磅(45 千克)