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Cybex FT-325 is a high performance, commercial-grade functional trainer that delivers an expansive range of exercises in a single, compact, low-profile unit. Which makes it the right fit for facilities where space is an issue, but getting a great workout is essential.

  • Solid, Sturdy and Rugged
  • Real Simple. Real Results
  • Designed and Built by Cybex in the USA
  • The Power of One
  • Make it Yours - Customization

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产品型号: 18000

尺寸: 34 英寸 X 67 英寸 X 83.5 英寸
86 厘米 X 170 厘米 X 212 厘米

器械重量: 695 磅(315 千克)

配重片: 170 磅(77 千克)

牵引缆绳: 81 英寸(206 厘米)

最大有效负荷: 每边最大承重 85 磅(38.5 千克)

最小有效负荷: 每盘 5 磅(2.25 千克)

起重比率: 2:1

缆绳位置调整: 19 个位置,各相隔 3 英寸

标准配件: 2 个皮带把手,护踝,三头肌拉绳,选购背部训练机

颜色: 可用五种标准色或者无限种自定框架颜色

Product No.: 8820 (Utility Bench - optional)

Dimensions L x W x H: 21" x 16" x 16" (54 cm x 39cm x 42 cm)