赛百斯 625T 是一款超值跑步机,能有效保障健身俱乐部会员心情愉悦和业务的健康发展。

  • 专为长跑、散步或慢跑设计
  • 坚固耐用
  • 安全设计,将磨损降至最低
  • 减震智能悬挂板

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Check out Cybex MyDesign to customize your equipment and our lookbook for all of our color options.

Due to the difference in individual monitor settings these samples may not accurately reflect true colors.

Custom or non-production colors should be accompanied by a serial number for color verification when placing an order. If you have any questions, or to obtain samples of the above please contact Cybex Sales Operations at 888-GO-Cybex.