Request help from wherever you are in the world or locate an authorized Cybex service representative near you. Cybex provides on-going training for service personnel and a training schedule is available on-line.

Parts & Ordering

We have detailed diagrams of Cybex equipment assemblies which help you identify just what part you are looking for. Then order it online or call us and we'll help you determine what is needed. Cybex is committed to having the replacement parts and resources, in the right place, at the right time, to provide the rapid solutions our customers expect. Order Parts

Technical Documentation

Cybex is an ISO certified manufacturer. ISO and other certification documentation is available online as well as a full range of owner and service manuals.

Product Registration

We encourage all owners of Cybex equipment to register the machine by serial # as soon as it is put into service. This allows us to assure that your product is under warranty and to notify you if any safety issues arise.

Contact Service and Support

We are proud of Cybex products and want to make sure they are performing up to our standards and yours. If you need our help — call, email, fax, or send smoke signals. We are there for you.