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Owatonna Plant

The new Owatonna manufacturing facility is located on 36 acres and measures 340,000 square feet or eight football fields under one roof. The perimeter is nearly ½ mile.
  • Manufacturing space: 275,000 square feet
  • Office space: 35,000 square feet
  • Warehouse space: 30,000 square feet

Special Features

  • An education center complete with bleacher/stadium seating for 225 employees
  • Windows throughout factory to incorporate natural light into the workspace
  • Open offices on the perimeter allow natural light for all office employees
  • 3,000 square feet of workout facility for employees also serves as a showroom

Environment Friendly

  • Energy efficient equipment: A $3.5 million state of the art powder paint electrostatic system has energy efficient motors throughout the entire paint processing system
  • Water recycling system allows filtering and re-use of water in the paint process over several times; it reduces daily waste water from the painting process to the treatment facility dramatically. All runoff is captured in two holding ponds (for water shed management), and the surrounding area will be seeded for the use of wildlife and natural foliage
  • Windows installed throughout the building reduce energy use by 10% and enhance the work environment for employees with natural sunlight
  • Energy efficient lighting is state of the art (HID ballast coupled with Holophane high efficiency Super Glass) which dramatically reduces the number of fixtures needed without sacrificing light levels.
  • Building design and insulation factors produces energy savings in utilities by as much as 25%
  • Cybex green incentives were self initiated and self-funded

Building Factoids

  • Building occupied in August 2007
  • 22 teams of employees worked on the design
  • The floor is comprised of 7,500 yards of concrete. It took 755 cement trucks to deliver it.
  • 150 semi-loads of pre-cast concrete wall panels were used
  • It took 7 weeks to excavate and grade the site - 29,000 cubic yards of dirt were removed
  • 11,095 yards of sod were laid. 44 trees and 164 shrubs
  • HVAC required over 150 tons of heating and cooling
  • The steel stud framing was 71,456 linear feet or 13.5 miles of steel stud
  • 300,000 screws and 4,560 man hours were needed to put up the dry wall