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Incoming Obama Administration Asks Americans for Ideas on Health Care Reform

A Capitol Report from IHRSA

The incoming Obama-Biden administration has asked the American people to share their stories, hopes, and ideas as they develop policy in preparation for the inauguration. IHRSA is asking fitness professionals across the nation to spend two minutes on to share their unique insight about the power of exercise and prevention. Our industry must tell them that exercise and prevention must be a part of any healthcare reform and the effort to create a healthier America.

Take a few minutes to visit to learn more about the Obama-Biden plan and to tell them that physical activity is a critical part of prevention and health care reform.

Here are a few things to consider:
  • You are an expert. You are on the frontlines of the battle against inactivity and obesity every day. Share with them a powerful story about how exercise has benefitted the people in your community.
  • Clubs are employers. In these tough economic times, the incoming Administration should be hearing how the health club industry is not only making America healthier but is employing many people. Share stories about the employees at the health club you run or work at.
  • It’s about you. This is about sharing your thoughts, stories, and experience.
  • A little help. If you’d like a little guidance, here are some points to consider for your message. Ask the incoming Administration to:
    • Recognize that physical activity is integral to prevention
    • Do all that it can to promote physical activity and healthy lifestyles
    • Remove barriers to physical activity
To learn more and read IHRSA's Vision for a Healthier American, please visit