Choosing and Preparing Site

Before assembling the unit, verify the chosen site meets the following criteria:

Table 1. Free Area

1 23.6”, 0.6m

It is the responsibility of the facility owner/owner of the equipment to ensure that there is appropriate clearance around each machine to allow for safe use and passage.

In compliance with the ADA (American Disabilities Act) there must be clear floor space of at least 30 by 48 inches and be served by an accessible route for at least one of each type of exercise equipment. If the clear space is enclosed on three sides (e.g., by walls or the equipment itself), the clear space must be 36 by 48 inches.

All other machines must have a clear floor space of 23" for all access point on the machine.

The dimensions stated in the assembly instructions of this manual include the maximum foot print (in use) dimensions.

Minimum clearance of 12” (30 cm) between units for proper wireless heart rate signal operation.