Detailed Operation Guide

Maximum user weight is 400 lbs. (181 kg).

  1. Verify foot plates are completely stopped.
  2. Grasp handle on incline lever and depress the plunger.

      Description Qty.
    1 Plunger 1
    2 Handle 1
    3 Incline lever 1
  3. Move incline lever to desired position.
  4. Release plunger on incline lever.
    To avoid injury, be sure detent pin is fully inserted into notch in adjusting plate before use.

      Description Qty.
    1 Adjusting plate 1
    2 Detent pin 1
    3 Notch 3
  5. Grasp handrail and step carefully onto foot plates.

    Begin striding.

  6. Choose a Circuit or Interval workout.