Determine distance

  1. Verify foot plates are completely stopped.
  2. Grasp handrail and step carefully onto foot plates.
  3. Press and hold the Up arrow and Down arrow for 3 seconds.
  4. Navigate in the Toolbox menu to STATS with the Down arrow.
  5. Press the GO/Enter key to enter STATS.

The TOTAL ON TIME and TOTAL RUN TIME is displayed on the STATS screen.

The time is displayed as ###:##:## (Days:Hours:Minutes).

Note: A Day is recorded as 24 hours of use. It is not days used or days since installation.

  1. Record the TOTAL RUN TIME.
  2. Press the GO/Enter key to go BACK to the toolbox menu.
  3. Press the Down arrow to select EXIT in the setup menu.
  4. Press the GO/Enter key to exit Toolbox.