Return Material Authorization (RMA)

The Return Material Authorization (RMA) system is used when returning material for placement, repair or credit. The system assures that returned materials are properly handled and analyzed. Follow the following procedures carefully.

Contact your authorized Cybex dealer on all warranty-related matters. Your local Cybex dealer will request a RMA from Cybex, if applicable. Under no circumstances will defective parts or equipment be accepted by Cybex without proper RMA and an Automated Return Service (ARS) label.

Please contact Cybex Customer Service for the return of any item that is defective.

Provide the technician with a detailed description of the problem you are having or the defect in the item you wish to return. Provide the model and serial number of your Cybex equipment.

At Cybex’s discretion, the technician may request that you return the problem part(s) to Cybex for evaluation and repair or replacement. The technician will assign you a RMA number and will send you an ARS label. The ARS label and the RMA numbers must be clearly displayed on the outside of the package that contains the item(s) to be returned. Include the description of the problem, the serial number of the equipment and the name and address of the owner in the package along with the part(s).

Merchandise returned without an RMA number on the outside of the package or shipments sent COD will not be accepted by the Cybex receiving department.