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Power Rack


Cybex strength-training equipment is a top choice among athletes and teams in the NFL, NBA, NHL, and MLB, as well as the nation’s top collegiate athletic programs. STRUCTURE Olympic racks provide modular solutions that are versatile and customizable.

  • Proven Value. Rugged Durability. Versatile System.
  • Modular training space to fit your facility and client needs.
  • Ability to retrofit pieces in the future or join with other racks to tailor your space to expand your club’s offering.
  • Available internationally in winter 2017

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Free Standing Storage Options


Our Free Standing Storage for the STRUCTURE Olympic Rack System come in both 4' and 6' options, with the ability to extend using an additional Free Standing Side Frame.

4' Free Standing Storage

Product Number: ST-FSS-4

Choose 2 or 3 storage members:

  • 2 Pipe
  • Kettlebell Tray
  • Dumbbell Tray

6' Free Standing Storage

Product Number: ST-FSS-6

Choose 2 or 3 storage members:

  • 2 Pipe
  • Kettlebell Tray
  • Dumbbell Tray

Storage Components

2 Pipe

Product Number:

  • 42": ST-XM422P
  • 72": ST-XM722P

Kettlebell Tray

Product Number:

  • 42": ST-XM42KBT
  • 72": ST-XM72KBT

Dumbbell Tray

Product Number:

  • 42": ST-XM42DBT
  • 72": ST-XM72DBT