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Caring for the 530S Stepper

Although stepper popularity has waned over the past few years, they are a great way to loose weight or stay in shape. Cybex steppers are in service in many clubs and homes around the world. Those who use them love them! Following these tips below will keep your Cybex 530S Stepper operating smoothly for years to come.


As with other Cybex equipment, taking the time to wipe down your stepper with GymWipes wipes not only removes perspiration and liquid spills, it gives you the opportunity to look over the unit and spot any problems that might need extra attention.

When cleaning, use GymWipes wipes on to the equipment. Never spray a cleaner directly onto the stepper. This can cause excessive moisture to get into mechanical or electronic components and cause damage or create an electrical hazard.

Cardio Touch grips should receive a little extra care to make sure they are wiped clean without excessive moisture. Perspiration buildup or moisture inside the grips can create a short circuit that, while posing no danger to the user, can prevent the heart rate display from working properly. The grips can be wiped down with a cleaning solution containing alcohol. This will remove any buildup of hand lotion, oils, body powder, etc. that can interfere with the heart rate signal. This is the ONLY part of the stepper that this cleaning solution should be used.

While wiping the machine down, look for any obvious signs of wear. Peeling decals or keypads, loose shroud screws, paint scratches, and cracked or broken cables are good examples of what to look for. These problems can be repaired or replaced in a timely fashion, before deteriorating to the point where the stepper is unusable or uncomfortable to operate.

Preventive Maintenance

Inspect the drive cables regularly for signs of wear and replace them every six to eight months with Cybex-supplied replacement cables. Follow the procedure below to ensure that the cables are in good condition. Note: If a cable has cracks or appears worn, it must be replaced immediately by a qualified service technician.
There are no tools required for the procedure.

!Warning: To prevent electrical shock, be sure that the unit is unplugged from the electrical outlet before performing any cleaning or Maintenance procedures.
  • While kneeling next to the stepper push one pedal all the way to the floor.
  • Inspect the drive cable for signs of wear, cracking or discoloring.
  • Carefully return the pedal to it’s starting position and repeat the procedure for the other drive cable.
On a regular basis, a more involved cleaning and inspection should be performed by the club maintenance staff or a qualified Cybex service technician. The frequency will depend on factors specific to your environment. For example, in a home or a quiet facility, an annual or bi-annual schedule may be appropriate. In a busy club or a dusty area, this should occur more frequently. When parts do need to be replaced, it is important that only Cybex replacement parts be installed. This is the only way to ensure the quality, safety and durability of your Cybex stepper is maintained.

For all Cybex equipment, more specific details on performing these tasks can be found in the Maintenance section of your owner’s manual.

A copy of the owner’s manual for all current production Cybex equipment can be found on our website at: