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Cybex Care

Asset Management System

Reduce downtime. Manage equipment usage. Cybex Care, our new web-based asset management system, offers maintenance guidance, task tracking, insight into cardio machine usage, and a method for submitting and monitoring service cases.

  • Monitor and manage equipment across facilities.
  • Training tools and videos for maintenance.
  • Rotate, relocate, maintain, and clean your treadmills with the unique Service Wheel.

Sales Inquiry

It all starts with Cybex Care wirelessly collecting data from your cardio equipment. The data is then transmitted to a personal web portal where it’s translated into clear and useful information about your facility. From any Internet connection, you can then manage tasks, optimize your operation, train your staff, streamline service – and get real results.


See it All in an Instant

Managing your equipment has never been so simple. From your personal dashboard, keep track of equipment case status, usage trends and upcoming tasks.

My Equipment

Immediate Insights

View all of your asset-enabled cardio equipment and get extensive insight on machine usage and member preferences. See data as “miles run” or “hours used.” Even project six-month patterns. Use this information to rotate low and high use equipment, keep your equipment in top condition, and ensure that your members are getting the best workout experiences possible.

My Tasks

Your Cardio To-Do List

Never forget a maintenance task again. Extend the life of your equipment. Train staff. My Tasks offers you instructions, how-to videos and maintenance schedules to reduce downtime and proactively manage maintenance tasks.

Service & Support

Help is Just a Few Clicks Away

Contact customer support. Streamline repairs. Reduce service time. The Service feature allows you to enter and track service cases, making it all easier than ever.

Traffic Manager

Understand Traffic

Which machines do your members prefer? How can you get your low-use machines back in action? Master gym traffic with a clear visual representation of equipment usage trends over time.